About Us

Who are we?
-Steve Sieminkewicz (Co-Owner/Operator)
 Originally from Latrobe, PA
 GM Certified/ASE Master Technician
 10+ years experience within GM dealership service operations

-Wayne Irvin (Co-Owner/Operator)
 Originally from Lancaster, OH
 ASE Master / GM Certified World Class Technician
 15+ years experience within GM dealership service operations

Why are we exclusive to General Motors vehicles?
Over the years working in GM dealerships we have become very familiar with all of General Motors products. This takes the guesswork out of the equation when diagnosing or repairing your vehicle. It also allows us to focus our training and equipment towards a specific manufacturer instead of the universal approaches used by other independent shops.

Why choose GMP Automotive instead of local dealer service?


There is a skill level system widely used to rate technician's skill level. It is as follows: A(Master) B(intermediate) C(Beginner). Most dealers employ a few (A) technicians that are usually tied up in extensive repairs. Some (B)  technicians, and the rest are (C) Technicians. When you take your vehicle to the dealer for service there is no guarantee of which level technician will be performing your repair. Here at GMP Automotive there will be a 
GM Master Technician working on your vehicle 100% of the time. Also, unless requested otherwise, we always use OEM Parts.


  A trip to the local dealer for a simple repair can quickly turn into an eye-opening experience. With dealer labor rates in the local market averaging $130 per hour repairs can be very expensive. Here at GMP Automotive our labor rate is $80 per hour. An average of $50 LESS per hour than the local dealers. Our parts are also bought 
at wholesale rates. All of this means more money in your pocket. Same Techs, same parts, fraction of the cost!


We take pride in developing a long-term relationship with our customers. You will never be treated like a number or be pressured to authorize any services or repairs you feel unnecessary or simply are not ready to do. We want you to count on us to deliver the kind of service that will ensure you are a customer for life!




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